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Here’s how it works

No money for the bus, tram or metro? And do you live in Amsterdam, or in the surrounding municipalities? If so, you can get free public transport tickets from the Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority (Vervoerregio Amsterdam).

  • You will receive eight tickets per address.
  • With 1 ticket, you can travel for free for 1.5 hours.
  • You can use them in the Amsterdam Transport Region.
  • Valid through 31 December 2023.
  • If you have any questions, then look here.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the ‘free 1.5-hour tickets’ promotion entail?

A public transport journey has become considerably more expensive this year. The Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority wants to help people who need it. Therefore, a special promotion has been devised: residents of the region can apply for ‘1.5-hour free travel’ tickets. This is an existing ticket valid on buses, trams and metros of all operators in the Amsterdam Transport Region. The tickets allow you to travel from Purmerend to Uithoorn.

Which municipalities are included in the promotion?

All municipalities in the Amsterdam Transport Region: Purmerend, Wormerland, Edam-Volendam, Zaanstad, Oostzaan, Landsmeer, Waterland, Amsterdam, Haarlemmermeer, Amstelveen, Diemen, Aalsmeer, Uithoorn, Ouder-Amstel.

Are there unlimited tickets available?

No. There are enough for all households earning up to 130% of the minimum income. But: tickets won’t last.

How do I know if I can order the tickets?

The tickets are intended for the minimum (income up to 130% of the minimum income). This is a broad group because we see that many people desperately need this. Approximately 90 to 95,000 households are affected in the Amsterdam Transport Region.

Moreover, these tickets are intended only for people living in Amsterdam or in one of the 13 other municipalities in the region. Check whether you live in the region.

Can I order tickets more than once?

No, a maximum of 1 request for 8 tickets can be submitted per address.

Can I also request tickets for people outside my household?

No, you can only request tickets at your own address.

Must I inform my benefit agency that I have received free tickets?

No, the tickets are anonymous and are therefore not registered.

Can I resell the tickets or turn them in for cash from the operators?


How long can I travel using the free tickets?

One ticket allows you to travel for 1.5 hours. That's enough to travel throughout the entire Amsterdam region. The time starts when you check in on the bus, tram or metro. Every time you transfer during that time, you must check in and out.

Where can I travel with the tickets?

The 1.5-hour ticket is a physical ticket and works on EBS, Connexxion and GVB buses, trams and metros. Therefore, the ticket can be used throughout the Amsterdam Transport Region. You can transfer without any problems. All destinations within the Amsterdam Transport Region can be reached within 1.5 hours’ travel time. See exactly where you can travel.

Can I travel for free on all buses, trams and metros in the area?

No, not in all of them, but in most of them. Be sure to board a bus, tram or metro that operates on our behalf: Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority (plus bus line 161). There are also a few lines in this area that fall under a different client. You cannot travel on those lines for free using this ticket. Check which lines you travel on for free.

Can I also travel by train for free using this ticket?

No, this ticket is not valid for use on the train. Only for buses, trams and metros operating on behalf of the Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority. You can travel for free on these lines using the ticket.

How do I transfer?

When you board, you check in. When you get off, you must also check out again. You do this both times by holding the ticket in front of the reader. If you forget to check out, the ticket is no longer valid. It is therefore important not to forget to do this. So, if you have used the ticket and forgotten to check out, you cannot continue travelling on that same ticket.

Does the ticket expire after exactly 90 minutes?

If you have checked in and out and the time (90 minutes after the first check-in) is almost up, you can simply finish your trip. You are checked in, so you still have a valid ticket. Example: You board a bus in Amsterdam and check out after 80 minutes. You then check in for a journey to Aalsmeer, which takes 25 minutes. You can then travel for a total of 105 minutes.

Do I also have to check out if I don’t want to continue travelling?

To complete the trip, we ask that you always check out. Your personal details are not known to us and your journey will not be registered.

What should I do if my ticket is not working/defective?

A ticket will rarely, if ever, not work. Unfortunately, a transport company employee cannot tell from the ticket why this would not work. In that case, travel with a different ticket.

Until when can I use the tickets?

You can use the tickets throughout this year until 31 December 2023.

Am I under any obligations when I order the tickets?

No, you will be under no obligations. We only ask for your name and address to do what we promise: send the free tickets to you. We won’t keep your information after that, either.

How long will it take to get the tickets?

This takes between two and five weeks. We aim to send the tickets to the address you provided within two weeks. If we receive large quantities of requests at once, it may take a few weeks longer.

Who or what is the Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority?

The Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority is a cooperation of 14 municipalities in the field of traffic and public transport. That means that we work together on the roads in these municipalities and ensure that the region has good public transport. In the Amsterdam region, we are the client to operators GVB, Connexxion and EBS. We are giving away the free tickets together with these transport companies.

On these lines you can travel for free with the ticket

You can use the tickets to travel for free in:

  • GVB buses, trams and metros
  • EBS buses in Waterland
  • Connexxion buses in the Zaanstreek and Amstelland-Meerlanden

These tickets are not for use for:

  • night buses
  • EBS Bizzliner buses

View all lines on which you can travel for free for each operator

GVB lines
You can use the tickets to travel for free on all GVB buses, trams and metros, except night buses.
EBS lines
You can travel for free with tickets on all EBS buses in Waterland, except night buses and Bizzliners.
Connexxion lines
You can travel for free on all buses running on our behalf – except night buses. Connexxion buses operated by another client also operate in this region. These are not free. Therefore, please check carefully on which lines you can travel for free.

About us

The Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority is a traffic and public transport cooperation of 14 municipalities. Together, we ensure that our area has good roads and public transport.
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Amsterdam Regional Transport Authority
is giving away these tickets
in cooperation with
Connexxion, EBS en GVB